Indian Billionaire Plays Badminton With Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary on Top of a Helipad

Although badminton is the second most played sport in the world after soccer, it hasn’t gotten as much mainstream recognition as basketball or tennis. This is why badminton fans get excited whenever people outside their community are seen playing the sport they love dearly.

Recently, Indian billionaire Divyank Turakhia posted a photo of him playing badminton with Shark Tank judge Kevin O’Learly at a helipad on top of the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai.

Two rich guys playing badminton on top of a helipad in one of the world’s tallest and most luxurious hotels in the world, while security guards in suits stand in the background? It can’t get more badass than that.


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Badminton is mainly played indoors due to wind conditions that could affect the flight of the shuttlecock. A few commenters wondered how they were able to play while so high up. One theory is that they played with a plastic shuttlecock, which helps withstand the wind better, instead of the usual ones made with 16 goose feathers.

Divyank Turakhia, 36, became a billionaire in 2016 after selling his ad-firm for $900 million to China’s Beijing Miteno Communication Technology. He is known as one of India’s youngest self-made billionaires and started his first business at 16 with a $500 loan from his father. He reportedly has a $1.3 billion net worth.

Kevin O’Leary who’s best known as one of the investors and judges for ABC’s hit series “Shark Tank”, became a multi-millionaire in 1999 after selling his tech company SoftKey Software Products to Mattel. He’s reportedly worth $400 million.

It’s not known how often these two play badminton, but hopefully they love it as much as we do!

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